KidsArtRoom in a nutshell..

"I’d like to mention how much T  has improved his art skills since he started lessons with you. He has found a creative streak in him that he never knew existed and doesn’t seem to want to stop drawing! You have worked your creative magic on him – thank you!!!! "
(Ms M-C, London) 

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KidsArtRoom in a nutshell

One to one Adult & Children group lessons on request. Email us for more information -

Bronze Arts Award Intensive Course - Five Day Only (UCAS points -Trinity College London) - Easter'18 - Book now. Limited places!

Bronze Arts Award - Monday group term time lessons (UCAS points & qualification by Trinity College London)

Silver Arts Award - Monday group term time lessons  (UCAS points & qualification by Trinity College London)

Weekdays Lessons & Weekend Lessons 

Holiday Workshops On Demand  (when more than FIVE children enrol)

Scheduled Holiday Workshops

All students encouraged to enter International Art Competitions and build their portfolio for the future

One hour and fifteen minutes lessons 

All materials are included 

Sketching takes priority in order to build other artistic techniques

Beginner and Advance groups available

Confidence boost

Nature and Colour Awareness 

Creative Thinking & Design Thinking mindset embedded in long term time learning 

 Attention to Detail learnt over lessons

And much, much more....!

What day works best for you?

CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP - 18th to 20th December (incl.) 

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Monday - 4pm 11 plus Group BRONZE & SILVER ARTS AWARD Lesson  

 Tuesday - 4 pm Children only Group ART Lesson  

Tuesday - 5.15 pm Children only Group ART Lesson  

Wednesday - 10.30am Adults only Art Group - Adults Morning 

Wednesday - 4.45pm Children  only Group ART Lesson  

Friday -  4 pm Children only Group ART Lesson 

Friday  - 5.30pm Children only Group ART Lesson 

Saturday - 9am Children only Group ART Lesson 

Saturday - 10.20 am Children only Group  ART Lesson

Saturday - 11.40 am Children only Group ART  Lesson 

Email us for more information 

"The knowledge that my daughter gained at KidsArtRoom proved invaluable to prepare her for her new school! Thanks to the KidsArtRoom classes my daughter is really enjoying her art lessons in her new secondary school and has been awarded several merits for good work - What's more this has  helped inspire her young sister which is great!" 
K. O. (Surrey)

Special Portfolio

Having a good Creative Portfolio is not only paramount for those wishing to apply to Architecture, Fine Arts or similar creative Universities, but also to all children aiming to achieve an Art Scholarship. Most UK Universities, including Cambridge, Oxford and  UCL ask all applicants to provide an Art Portfolio with as many techniques as possible, as well as own projects.  This will show whether your son or daughter is able to have a wide range of cultural interests which ideally they'll bring into their degree. 

UCAS points can also be gained by achieving one of the Arts Awards the Trinity College of London offers to children and young adults. At KidsArtRoom TM we want to capture your children's abilities and help them find the best way to access their desired Creative Studies. Students will be able to apply to one of the different Awards - Bronze, Silver or Gold in the coming weeks, as we'll be offering this from November 2017. 

At KidsArtRoom we are also helping several students build their Art Portfolios, both of primary and secondary school age. Please call us to discuss your child's artistic interests so we can tailor their lessons to achieve a secure success and ensure a scholarship award, or an Art school place. 

With regards to younger children, when applying for an Art Scholarship always remember that if your child is taking lessons in school and they still don't feel confident, it's probably  time for a fresh start with a different teacher. Getting a scholarship is not about putting together a 'convincing' portfolio, but to build an attitude of self-belief and confidence towards Art, being able to draw showing the correct shape. 

Scholarships get reviewed on a yearly basis therefore the level must be maintained. It's important the student develops a real love for Art as well as discipline to work on their Artwork in order to fully benefit from that scholarship. 


What will be covered in the lessons?

Innovation. Sketching. Colour theory.. amongst other things!
Artistic techniques, Art theory and Confidence (with a capital letter!) The objective of these lessons is to teach children to be confident using the techniques they're learning in every session. There's no "artistic voice" if there's not confidence. It's only when students explore what they've learned every day that they really start to bring out their inner skills. Confidence is a skill that has to grow within you. 

In our art lessons we'll explore the following techniques:

                Drawing & Sketching  / a strong point in our lessons
                Pastel - oil and chalk
                   3D modelling
                Design process
                Design Thinking 

                                                    Idea generation through sketching

We will cover subjects related to art and design such as: 

                   Creative Thinking 
                   Problem solving 
                   Self Confidence

                   Colour Theory
                   History of Art
                   Contemporary Art 
                   Design  thinking process
                   Positive Thinking 

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